Laptop service rates in New York City. PC service rates and repair sites in NY. IBM computer service in New York. Apple Macbook repairs in Manhattan. Computer screen replacement.

Computer Service Rates in New York

Laptop screen replacement Mac or PC (Same day service in most cases.)

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, IBM, Acer Toshiba, Asus, Samsung --- $99.99 & up

Apple Screen Repair & Replacement
White Macbook 13.3" screen ---$199.99
Macbook Pro unibody 13" screen ---$229.99
Macbook Pro unibody 15" screen ---$235.00
Macbook Pro unibody 17" screen ---$255.00

Virus removal --- $59.99 Rid your pc of all viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, and logic bombs and other malware
Spyware removal --- $59.99 Rid your pc of all spyware, adware, and other malware
Quick system Tune-up --- $34.99 ‘TECH’ your pc up with our quick system tune-up

Software installation --- $29.99 Any (1) one piece of software installed
Software installation x(2) --- $49.99 Any (2) pieces of software installed
Software installation 3 --- $15 If more than two software installations are requested, each additional title installation will be $15
Software configuration --- $34.99 Any (1) one piece of software configured


Motherboard installation --- $99.99 Installation of a Motherboard on Desktop
Hardware installation --- $29.99 Installation of any (1) one piece of hardware excluding RAM or a Motherboard
Ram installation --- $24.99 Installation of laptop or desktop memory
Operating system repair --- $74.99 OS repair from a dysfunctional or non-bootable state
Operating system restore --- $74.99 Your pc will be restored to original factory state

Full Data backup --- $49.99 Backup of more than 4GB Up to 10GB of data
Half data backup --- $29.99 Backup of less than 4GB of data
Data recovery --- $249.99 & Up Recovery of any lost data or data from a bad/dysfunctional hard drive
Data recovery attempt --- $54.99 Necessary service charge for an unsuccessful attempt at recovering lost data

Network configuration
--- $59.99 Configuration of an already existing network in order to make it function properly again

Network setup or repair --- $59.99 Setup of a new LAN (network) or repair of a dysfunctional LAN
‘AIR TECH’ package --- $69.99 Wireless network set up (including encryption) for up to 3 pc’s; $29 per pc thereafter

All prices are the same for on-site service charges except for:

Motherboard Replacement --- $99.99 & UP Installed
Laptop Screen Replacement --- $125.99 & UP Installed

Power Jack Replacement --- $85.00

*Motherboard, memory and other hardware "EXCEPT FOR SCREENS" do not include parts in service Prices.
Parts will be additionally assessed at the best possible price depending on make and model.

*In most cases, only one or two services are needed for a full repair job to be completed.

GUARANTEED Lowest Price than any computer repair service vendors out there!

Local Computer Repair Service Areas
NetTech PC Solutions is based in New York City but our service area extends within a 15 mile radius of our computer store. Please call if you have any questions regarding a service, repair or replacement and one of our certified computer technicians will be glad to help. Our services are fast, efficent and reliable and also backed by a 30 day warranty.

We service computers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


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